About Us

Who We Are

Mmanu is a beauty care company dedicated to identifying all forms of hair, skin and personal care problems and thus solving them by creating products to address these issues for Nigerians by Nigerian women who had ‘experienced’ a gap in the Nigerian beauty industry.


What We Believe in...

It is and will always be our heartfelt desire to see Women and Men who are confident, comfortable and happy with their hair and skin. That is why, our beauty care campaigns won’t just push products, but will educate, guide and thus promote the lifestyle of good beauty care products and practices. 

All our products are handmade and created with you in our minds, passing through detailed scientific research and Case studies, experimenting with formulas and ingredients sourced from nature and safe Laboratory synthesized additives that have been scientifically proven to work, numerous testing with a spicy addition of our experience and then presented to you.

We strongly believe quality should be defined by you on the basis of being AUTHENTIC, being FUNCTIONAL, being AVAILABLE and being REASONABLY PRICED.

And in our Story, You are our lead characters, your hair and skin concerns are the enemy, and with us, you will always win.